We are  SILO BLACK GAMES, A small group of industry veterans with over 20 released titles on all major platforms from mobile to next gen. We aim to make SILO BLACK GAMES a hallmark studio by creating epic, distinctive, all action titles that jump out from the crowd and demand attention. Just creating successful games isn’t enough, we want players to know a Silo Black game just from how it looks and feels. We want to create a brand that gamers know they can expect only the best from.

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This is Boom Boom Barbarian, a rhythm action, tower defence game. Think Golden Axe meets Guitar Hero, with a twist of Orcs Must Die.

Coming together in a blend of dynamic music and visceral action.



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Meet The Team

Bradley Harris

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With 10 years experience in the games and CG industries, Bradley has worked on a number of successful AAA, console and mobile game titles. He has worked on first party Xbox titles, the Star Wars franchise, plus new IP. As well as creative input Bradley leads the commercial and project management functions for the company.

Ricardo David

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Art Director

After a decade working in the CG Industry, Ricardo is dedicated to creating brand new and exciting IPs and establishing Silo Black Games as a boutique creative development house. His experience includes working with Crytek on Xbox One launch title "Ryse" and the acclaimed “Crysis 2“. Ricardo also worked with CD PROJECKT RED on “The Witcher Battle Arena”.  

Amit Boparai

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Creative Director

Amit has over 8 years of experience in designing games having worked on EA and Microsoft franchises. As a lifelong gamer he has an unparalleled knowledge of games from all over the world and draws inspiration from a wide field of games and culture.